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Here are the best answers to frequently asked questions on rug cleaning and maintenance.

Consultations and advices cost a lot these days – but our FAQ page is different. Our company is committed to providing the best answers to improve and enhance the carpet cleaning ways, at no cost. So take advantage of the opportunity by visiting our page regularly.

How long do handmade rugs live for?

Authentic handmade oriental rugs may literally live for centuries. Some families have them for years and their Persian rugs pass from one generation to the other. It would depend on whether you take care of them properly according to experts of Carpet Cleaning Monrovia and whether you follow the right methods for rug cleaning. If you want them to last, protect them from water damage and the sun and store them in dry places.

Will I find two identical handmade rugs?

The beauty of authentic oriental rugs is that they are one of a kind. They are handmade and, thus, no other will be exactly the same as yours. If you find two identical ones, at least one of them is not handmade. One characteristic of handmade rugs is that they may have some imperfections. So, turn your Persian rugs around and check the stitches and fringes to make sure they are in hand.

How do I prevent stains from damaging my carpet?

If you are having a party in your house, obviously, it will be difficult to control carpet staining. You can’t just tell your guests to be extra careful. However it is advised to quickly act on stains that are visible. Don’t let a stain dry up. Learn how to do spot removal. Also, use carpet protection products such as Scotch Guard.

Does steam cleaning do anything to affect the ability of my carpet’s resistance to stains?

Our carpet cleaning experts from Carpet Cleaning Monrovia have tested this theory and found that steam cleaning does not cause any negative effects on the carpet’s ability to resist stains. It is therefore a good idea to steam clean your carpet at least every 18 months to preserve the carpet’s texture.

Why some stains are so difficult to remove?

The textiles of your sofas and the fibers of your carpets are absorbent. When something is spilled on the floor, it will be absorbed immediately. In fact, soon you will only see the peak of the stain since the rest has already been absorbed. Don't forget that most foods and liquids have ingredients that stain.

What are the different carpet cleaning methods?

There are two general methods: dry cleaning and hot water extraction. Dry cleaning however is not exactly dry since water is used in all carpet cleaning methods. There are different variations of these cleaning methods and the type to be used depends on the carpets and the owner’s personal choice.

How effective is plain water for tile cleaning?

It is actually an excellent choice for weekly mopping. It has been found that it is nearly as effective as most of the eco-friendly products sold in stores. It can remove over 90 percent of dirt and dust particles. For getting the best possible result, you should use hot water for cleaning tiles. Just do not forget to dry them afterwards.

Can pet stains damage the carpet?

Yes, there is such a risk. The problem comes from the fact that urine contains highly damaging compounds. While blotting and rinsing will help to remove most, some may remain and slowly destroy the fibers over time. Usually, you will notice weakening of the weave and fading.

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