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Stain RemovalIt is not that hard to find a stain removal Monrovia company, as we are talking about a city in the vicinity of Los Angeles that benefits of the modern services and facilities, a community of 40 000 people that have high expectations and incomes. When it comes to stain removal, you can be sure that this is the company to look for. Let’s see why.

Carpet stain removal is not such an easy process, although some people might state otherwise. The truth is that the modern companies have to use the latest technologies, substances and materials, to protect the environment, but also to offer what clients expect.

Our stain removal Monrovia specialists have to come to your office or home, to determine the optimal method to remove the stains. Washing the carpets is made with a special electric brush that will ensure a profound cleaning, so there is no dirtiness left in the fiber of the carpet. The detergents we use are effective, but also environmental friendly, being specially made for professional stain removal. It does not contain bleachers, or other whitening agents, having great properties to clean and to remove the stains, and also an increased resistance against dirtiness.

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The pet stain & odor removal must be made with sufficient water, so the detergent is complexly removed, as well as dust, mud, or other common forms of dirtiness. Then, the carpets are washed once more. This way, the carpets will be completely cleaned, and the extortion is made with a special machine that will remove all the traces. The tassels will be manually washed and arranged. At the end, the carpets will be dried in a special room where the temperature, the humidity and ventilation are strictly controlled. With the special machines that we use, the carpets are 90 % dry after being extorted, therefore the actual drying process lasts for about one or two hours. Once the carpets are dry, we will also vacuum them, to remove the animal hair that might remain after washing.

We are a young team at the stain removal company, and we are ready to satisfy the demands of any client. We have several advantages that recommend us in front of other companies with the same profile. For example, we are discrete, and we sign a confidentiality clause with every client. This is why the place will always be visited by the same persons, and the respective workers are not allowed to talk with anybody about what they have seen there. Our employees also present safety, as they are hired within our stain removal company only after careful checking, and our cleaning team has a supervisor with the role of coordinating the activity, and of making sure that everything is in order. Our stain removal service uses the latest methods, substances and professional machines, dedicated to any type of cleaning surface. Our devices are made by well-known manufacturers, and they are handled by the best employees in the city of Monrovia.

We are also flexible, as we offer standard cleaning programs, but we cal also adapt to the demands of the client. Whether you need cleaning at 7 AM in the morning, or late after the working hours, we will strive to meet your expectations and to make sure that everything is in order.

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