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Common cleaning tips for residential and commercial carpets. Methods for effective and long lasting cleaning! Do you know how mold is removed? What are the most common reasons for carpet mildew growth? Check out your rugs to keep them for years.

How to remove mold

Mold removal presupposes that the possible plumbing problems are resolved. Stopping mold from expanding would mean moisture control. You need to ventilate well all rooms, especially bathrooms. Seal the grout, so that it won't absorb moisture since mold usually grows on grout according to the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Monrovia. You must remove mildew immediately with special ecofriendly products. Remember to throw the used sponge away.

Keep rugs under surveillance

Many school buildings have serious problems with plumbing leaks and humidity. There is a high need to control moisture in order to control, eliminate or stop the growth and expansion of mildew. In this context, carpet mold inspection is of great essence and equally important to rug cleaning since kids usually sit on rugs and their health would definitely be affected in the most dramatic way.

Use proper products

Sometimes homeowners get tempted to use any available cleaning products found at home for all cleaning purposes. However, carpet cleaning requires specially formulated products to work effectively without damaging the material. Use the proper products to maintain the quality of the carpet and for it to last longer. Make sure the carpet cleaning solution is always on your grocery list, too.

Treat alcoholic beverage spills

We, at Carpet Cleaning Monrovia, highly recommend that spills of alcoholic beverages be cleaned immediately. Any excess liquid must be absorbed first before diluting the rest with cold water. Then, treat the spot with a mixture of mild detergent, white vinegar, and warm water. Make sure to let it dry before you gently pass the vacuum over the affected area.

Replace carpets when there is mold

Mold removal is not often successful. Mold grows very fast and expands even faster. That's why if you must cut a section of your existing carpet, you should cut an additional 12 inch part just to be sure that there's no chance for mildew growth. If the problem is still at its first stage, use detergents. Call our specialists in Monrovia for mold damage cleanup and repair.

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